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Our History

bapak-jero-wayan-ibu-jero-raniEstablished on 1 July 2005 this small family business has turned a dream into a success story.

Owned and run by I Wayan Sujana and his lovely wife Ni Made Rani, they have turned their home located in the village of Laplapan about 10 minutes drive from Ubud Central. Into a bike tour experience, you will never forget.

Wayan was educated at PPLP Dhyana Pura Tourism School in Denpasar and once he had completed his tourism certificate he moved onto work in the tourism industry, moving around the industry he gained experience, from this experience he had an idea that he could offer something a little more personalized than the larger tour operating companies could offer.

Wayan felt that Bali – has so much to offer the tourist but it lay behind the villages and main roads that only a bicycle could access, so he designed a specialized tour so that Bali could show the tourist how the local Balinese live in the villages, and what they do in there day to day lives.

Our Team


The Tour starts from the guides pick up at your hotel or villa then the lovely drive to Kintamani Volcano where you it and enjoy a breakfast with a view. From there you start on your bicycle downhill through the small off roads and villages towards Ubud.

Along the ride, guest are welcome to stop and participate in any day to day activity they see the local Balinese doing. You can take photos and enjoy the scenery. Once at Ubud you will enjoy a loving buffet style lunch hosted by the owners Wayan and Made in their own home, the authentic traditional Balinese home compound.

Wayan has created many jobs to the locals around his community and supports the local Elementary school SDN III Laplapan, Petulu-Ubud for classes 4 – 6 to learn English.Wayan uses some of the profit to pay for the sponsorship so this small family business gives back to the local community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate-social-responsibilityBali Bike Baik Cycling Tours support the sustainable local economic development and financially sponsors a new English language program in partnership with the local elementary school.

Our program to educate our local children to speak English by practicing their English at school and also we teach them to keep clean their local school and local village by taking plastic and rubbish along their home village every Saturday morning for an hour.

Cause plastic is a big problem at the moment, by teaching them how to keep clean their local village and hope be a good example other villages and hopefully good for the future.